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Monday, July 27, 2009

I am a Lazy Blooooger!

Here is my attempt at catching up on our blog! I have been so awful lately, and the longer I put it off the less I want to post anything because so much has been happening! We have had a fanstastic summer here in Halifax, and we've also been able to travel quite a bit as well. We only have two weeks left here and it is starting to get quite sad. It will be hard to leave the place where we started our lives together as a married couple. Sad to leave it all behind, and all the memories we have here.
But we will be beginning a new adventure in Calgary. And I'm sure we will love it there, just like we have here.

So here are a few pictures of what we have been up to.

This was Canada Day up at Citadel Hill. They shot off Canons for like 20 minutes it seemed like! Very loud...all the babies were crying.

Canada Day with a giant whale...Caleb made me get in this picture. I don't know why.

Us at the harbor front.

This is us on the ferry going over to Darmouth for the Highland Games.

We saw Cabers being tossed...

A lot heavier than it looks! And those people in the picture are our friends...yes we have friends in Halifax. At least two anyways.

I don't know what this is called, but it weighed 50 pounds and the men competing were throwing them around like they were nothing.

Us at the harbor front again for the Tall Ships Festival. Halifax is the land of festivals! There were 50 giant sail boat in the harbor that were racing all over the world.
Dolphins on Parade!!

Love this guy...

The Tall Ships Parade, leaving the Halifax harbor.

This is a shot of the wonderful farmer's market they have here on Saturday mornings. This day we went to get potatoes, carrots, and peas to make a summer stew! It is the most delicious summer meal. I'm not sure I made it as good as my mom does though. We also get fantastic cinimon buns here. We eat them for breakfast and then always feel sick afterwards. But we always go back for more!
We also attended the Halifax Pride Parade! It was not as risque as I thought it would be, or hoped it would be..:) mostly just tons of businesses and government leaders supporting pride week. It was crazy! You would never see this in Alberta. Even the Marriott here was in the parade....

Another float in the parade. Mostly everyone in it looked like these people. Not what I was expecting!
We have more pictures and adventures to post coming up soon!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hey this is Caleb (Kailey usually posts). We went to see transformers 2 last night. And lets just say that unless you like giant fighting robots there is not much that movie has to offer. Luckily for me, I love giant fighting robots so I was thrilled. Kailey for some reason I can't understand is not impressed by giant fighting robots so she fell asleep around half way in to it. Eventhough the movie was pretty stupid I had a great time and although I know she was asleep it was so nice to have her there "watching" it with me. I guess the only thing better than giant robots blowing each other up is watching it with the ones you love. Thanks for being there with me honey, I love you.