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Monday, December 21, 2009

Anniversary Surprise!

This is what Caleb woke up to for our anniversary! And you can tell he just woke up, and he's also very surprised! i got up early to make him breakfast, which was eggs, sausage, toast, and cinnamon buns! It was delicious.

Then Caleb had a surprise of his own for me. He booked us a hotel room in Banff and also a reservation at the Grizzly House for dinner. It's a steak/fondue house and it was so fun! We had a few courses to eat. They start you off with a salad and then bring out a cheese fondue with bread which was quite strong, but Caleb loved it! Then they bring you the main course. You get a got rock which our server told us was 650 degrees! It was hot! You cook your meat on it and they give you a bunch of different sauces to dip it in. We ate beef, buffalo, caribou, wild boar, and venison. The meat was amazing! Then they bring you a chocolate fondue with fruit for desert. It was quite the experience and it's a very busy place!

The next day we went and explored downtown for a bit. Banff is so beautiful! I'm so glad we live close by. Here are a couple amazing shots to finish off this post!

Thank you Caleb! I had an amazing time!

Oh Christmas Tree!

This year I got my very first Christmas tree! I started asking Caleb when he thought Christmas trees went on sale in probably mid November. I was a bit excited! We always had a real tree growing up, and I just love how it smells and it just makes everything feel so homey and Christmassy. We went to home depot and found this perfect little tree.

We went to super store and picked up buttertarts, hot chocolate, and santa gummies, and enjoyed our treats while we decorated the tree.
And here is the finished product! It was so much fun, and I don't think I'll want to take it down when Christmas is over!

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

I can't believe that yesterday Caleb and I celebrated our one year anniversary. It seems like yesterday that we were planning our wedding while being on opposite sides of the country, dealing with my numerous melt-downs, planning everything while we were both in school full-time and were both working part-time, flying back and forth from Calgary to Halifax on red-eyes to see each other for the weekend, figuring out how to set up a false ceiling in the gym and staying up all night trying to put it together, making tissue paper pom poms, stamping candy bags, stressing over the wedding date, and freezing to death on the day of!

After planning and all the pressures we both had mounting on us, our wedding day went perfectly. I honestly can't think of one thing that went wrong! It was the perfect day, even though it was probably one of the coldest days of the winter!

It's hard to believe it's already been a year, and I think it's because Caleb makes marriage so fun and easy. I am so lucky to have found him. He makes me laugh every single day, and works so hard for us at school and at his job. He is considerate and thoughtful and generous. If the first year of marriage is the toughest, then I think things will be smooth sailing from here! Caleb truly is my best friend, and what could be funner than living with your best friend?

I love you Caleb! Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Birthday That Keeps on Giving

So I know I'm a terrible blogger! But here is a bit of an update for you! We are both busy with school and I finish my practicum in about two weeks! It has been an amazing learning experience and I have loved every minute of it. Too bad Alberta Health Services is cutting funding to everything which means I won't be able to get a job there anytime soon! Bad timing for me I guess. But hopefully I'll be able to find something else here in Calgary. I am keeping my fingers crossed that someone will want me! Then I have three classes left to do and I am FINALLY done school! Caleb has been very busy with his PhD program as well and at the moment is quite sick. But he's a trooper and no matter how hard I try to get him to stay home he's still at it with his classes. I just hope he doesn't have H1N1 and infect everyone! Here are a few pics for you!

For Halloween we went over to Caleb's cousins house on the Friday night. Good thing I had these outfits from Japan kicking around! We had a fun time. We also dressed up as Ketchup and Mustard for our mutual activity that week. We made cones out of poster board for our hats. Pretty funny! Sadly I have no picture of it.

And I can't get these stupid pictures rotated! But I finally got my Birthday present from Caleb this week! A new Burton Feelgood snowboard! I am so excited, and slightly nervous because it means we have to get a lot of boarding done this season. But I love it!! And I love it that it's something we can do together, even if I do complain sometimes. :)

Wrong order of pics! Here's me with the box before I opened it looking kind of rough!

This little guy is the rabbit that lives in our front yard. He comes and goes but usually sits himself in front of this tree. He's so cute and it's fun to see his fur change. There's lots of rabbits around and also squirrels. Fun things about Calgary!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!

October is like another Christmas for us, since my Birthday is on the 1st and Caleb's is on the 4th. We had a great Birthday week and ate a ton! After work on the 1st I came home to a decorated house! There was streamers and balloon everywhere. It was so sweet of Caleb, and so thoughtful. That evening Caleb took me out to a fantastic Italian restaurant. Neither of us had been there before and we were impressed by the food, and also by the four waiters we had! Someone new kept coming by our table every 10 minutes. After dinner we went back to our place to eat some cookie dough blizzard ice cream cake! Sooo good! Caleb knows me too well. He was going to take me to see Fame afterwards but it was late and 6am was seeming pretty early. So he promised to take me another night. It was a wonderful Birthday! Oh, and I have not yet received my present from him! Apparently it's being UPS'ed here, and it's still on it's way. It's taking forever!! I will let you know what it is when it finally gets here.

So I'm now in the second half of my twenties, and I have to say it doesn't feel too good. I keep telling people I'm 25 by accident! I may have to keep it up though so I don't feel so old!

My delicious cake!

So I should have rotated these beforehand. I'm too lazy to go back and do it so you'll just have to deal!

The morning of Caleb's Birthday I took him out to a Belgian Pattiserre. I looked it up online and just crossed my fingers that it was good! We Ordered Belgian waffles and they were delicious. They had all kinds of bread and pastries that looked amazing as well. Such a cute place, I'm sure we will be back.

After breakfast we came back to our house and watched conference. For dinner we went to an AMAZING place downtown called Blink. I again found it online and just hoped it was ok! When we pulled up Caleb said he had wanted to go there, so I guess I did ok. They serve all organic/local food and it was the most amazing food I have ever tasted! I had Bison ribs, and Caleb ordered rabbit. It was a bit pricey, but totally worth it. Oh, and the Lethbridge Pork die for! Have you ever had fluffy pork? We hadn't, until we went to Blink. Crazy good!

So we had a fantastic Birthday, and spent a bit more money that we should have, but it's ok to indulge on your Birthdays right?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mom and Dad Lee do Halifax!

Ok, so here you go with another super old post! Caleb's parents came out to Halifax to visit for a few days and we had so much fun! It gave us the chance to have a car, :) and also to do all the touristy things we wanted to do before we left. We had a blast and ate a ton..mainly fish and chips! Oh how I miss them!

Here we are out in Peggy's Cove. It's a lighthouse outside of Halifax that is pretty famous and photographed a ton. There are tons of signs telling you to stay off the dark rocks because people have been swept away by the ocean there! We stayed far away! We also learned the legend of Peggy, which is where it got it's name...pretty funny stuff. Peggys!

Caleb's Parents!
We also took a day trip out to PEI. It was a long drive, but it was totally worth it. We got to drive over a giant bridge to get there. I had no idea it existed! PEI was beautiful and I would recommend it as a vacation spot. They had adorable cottages all over that you can rent out during the summer.
Isn't Caleb beautiful?

Where we started our tour of all the Anne of Green Gables sites. We just had to. I believe the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, lived here for a while.

On a PEI beach.

We did a lot of museums while they were in Halifax. This was the Museum of the Atlantic?

Driving a tug boat!

Beaver Tails! We had these a couple times while they were there. SOOOO Goood!
This was the harbour hopper tour. I wish we got a better picture of the vehicle we were on. it's an amphibious war vehicle that they used in Vietnam. Which means it goes on land and in water! So it does a tour around downtown Halifax and then takes you in the harbor. It was kind of freaky! I thought it was going to be way to heavy to float, but it did! It was quite loud though. There's a reason we look so sombre in this picture! Our impression of the Harbor Hopper explosion...ha.
Lobster Traps!

This picture makes me miss it! So beautiful.
We did get to the beach in Halifax before we left. We took our kids there a lot for boys and girls club and they loved the waves. But they stayed in the freezing cold water a little longer than I could handle! The water's cold, but we had hot weather so it was a great day.

I miss Halifax!!

Wilson Reunion

I realize I am totally behind in my posts, but better late than never right?
Over the August long weekend we took a flight to Calgary, and then a roadtrip down to Glacier National Park in Montana for the Wilson family reunion. We actually had a blast driving down there, because we usually only fly places now so driving through Montana was so much fun. It was so beautiful, the weather was great, and it was so much fun seeing everyone. We hit up the waterslides, went shopping, and played some fun games. Here are some pics of the trip.

I Love gophers! This was at Logan's Pass. These little guys would eat right out of your hand. So cute!

A melting glacier we found on the way home.

The view of Logan's Pass. We drove over it on the way home, mainly because Caleb had never driven it before. I hate doing it! It's beautiful, but so scary!! I get so nervous.

Best Burger Ever! Skye and Aaron told us about this place in Kalispell. It's called five guys, and it was delicious! Everything tastes homemade, and they give you so much food!

The adorable Ayla Brieann!

This little guy was in my parents shower at the cabin they were staying in. We put him outside and Caleb took some pictures of him. Stratton helped!

The two mountain goats sliding down the side of the hill. I think Caleb was down at the bottom in like 5 seconds. Not even kidding. He's crazy!

The Varty Party!

We can't wait for the next reunion. We had a blast!