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Sunday, January 30, 2011

On a Sunday

i desperately want to start our family and have little babies, but that is not happening for us in the way we had hoped quite yet. I am trying so hard to be patient, but it is constantly on my mind and it's something I can't seem to escape. The pregnant lady in the grocery store, friends posting ultrasound pictures on facebook and blogs, the young mothers in the mall shopping together and pushing their tiny babies in strollers, and church...don't even get me started on church, all seem to remind me that I am not a part of this exclusive club. The optimist in me wants to keep a smile on my face knowing that one day soon I will join the club, but then there are so many stories of infertility, recurring miscarriages, that sometime make me wonder if I should be expecting the worst. I'm not sure which is better in the end.

But every once in a while I am reminded of how wonderful my life is and how I should just enjoy every second of it right now. Caleb's cousins live in Calgary, and one of them is actually our hometeacher. He came over last week to drop off something for us and came in a chatted for a bit. I was kind of embarassed because it was 6pm in the evening, we were already in our pyjamas, we had our tv tables out and were eating pizza while watching our tv shows.

His wife told me that when he got home that night he said, "I went over and they were in their pj's watching TV and eating pizza. I would give anything to do that right now!" (they have three young children)I didn't feel so embarassed after she told me that!

So here is to sleeping in, tv trays, spontaneous get aways, pizza, pyjamas, shopping together at the mall for hours, snowboarding, tv, movies, and spending time together pretty much every day of the week.

Today, life is good.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why i love my life

Reading Week = Hawaii, Florida perhaps, or whichever sun-filled destination west jet will fly us to

This summer = Europe????!?! Eeeeee!! (that's actually how I really feel)

I love my husband...I also love his perk filled job that has allowed us to travel as much as we have. This Europe idea has been a recent development. Caleb served his mission in Brussels Belgium and so naturally we have been wanting to go back, but it has been hard to find the time and also the funds we need.

I now have an amazing job, which from what i hear from co-workers, will allow me to take leave without pay for the trip if I don't have enough vacation time built up by then. We figure this summer will be the perfect time. I want to say it may be the last chance we are able before we have kids...but I have tried to refrain from making plans in that department, as it seems as plans don't work out like we want them to, and we are just going to have to be patient. But aside from that, I really hope our plans to go work out! Our plans are not set in stone, but something to maybe look forward to! Our main predicament is that we want to see every country.

Our list so far:
Italy (mainly I want to take Caleb to Venice...what I think is the most romantic city ever! Something me and my KLAN girls will never forget! :)

Wish us luck with our plans!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I can't believe it's already a new year. Caleb and I recently celebrated our second anniversary.
I sadly have no pictures, but we had a "staycation." We rented a room at the Marriot, went to dinner, swam in the pool and ate chocolates in bed. It was fantastic.

With the new year usually comes new resolutions, I have made a few. One of them being to blog more. I am starting with this resolution right now! I am currently putting the past two years of this blog into a book, and it brought a smile to my face going through all the wonderful memories of our two years together.

Looking back I realize how blessed I have been.It has made me realize that this really is our journal, a way to document the events in our life, good and not so good. So in my attempt to blog more, I will be blogging about our everyday occurances, and being a bit more open about things that are going on in our lives....whether they be good....

or not so good.....

I was really inspired by this post by a blogger I like to read.

So this is my attempt to write it all down, so I can look back and remember the thoughts and feelings i have at this point in my someday I can look back and hopefully smile in the remembrance of how our trials eventually became blessings. That is my sincere hope.

2011 here we come.

Friday, January 21, 2011


This Halloween was actually the first one that Caleb and I have spent together.

One thing i love about Caleb is his love of Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays as well, and this might have to do something with the fact that we are both October babies. Fall is my favorite time of year.

Caleb's cousins have an anual Halloween party that is always tons of fun. This year we were Kurt Cobain and Courney Love. We are rebels without a cause.

Our first pumpkin carving together! This guy was Caleb's idea and I have to say I loved how he turned out.

We handed out candy to all the adorable neighborhood children, ate more of the candy that was meant for them than maybe we should have, and then we watched Nightmare Before Christmas because I had never seen it! And also because I can't handle any kind of remotely scary movie.

Happy Halloween!! :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Calaway Park!

We did our annual Calaway Park trip this summer with Skye and Aaron, and Mom and Dad. It was a ton of fun as usual! But I always end up feeling sick and then convinced to go on more rides. Can't wait until next year to do it again!

Caleb won this bear! I was so proud!

We gave it to Ayla who loves everything stuffed. Such a sweetie!

Me and my sweetheart!

Oregon Coast

This is me still catching up!
Here are some pics of the Hill family reunion at the Oregon Coast. We spent a whole week there and it was so much fun and so relaxing! None of us had packed for the weather...a bit colder than we had expected! We rented a huge house right on the beach...the view was amazing. I had such a great time. I couldn't have asked for a better family in law!

Caleb and I at the tide pools

There was a lot of sand castle building going on. The boys masterpiece!

Two Kaileys, two Jareds, two Jocelyns and two Zachs!

More sandcastles!

A little hike we did up to that point.

Caleb flying Matt's kite. I'm suprised it didn't pick him up off the ground! it was a windy day!

The Hill sisters!


Bonfire the last night we were there.

Thanks Mom and Dad Lee for the fun trip!