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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!

October is like another Christmas for us, since my Birthday is on the 1st and Caleb's is on the 4th. We had a great Birthday week and ate a ton! After work on the 1st I came home to a decorated house! There was streamers and balloon everywhere. It was so sweet of Caleb, and so thoughtful. That evening Caleb took me out to a fantastic Italian restaurant. Neither of us had been there before and we were impressed by the food, and also by the four waiters we had! Someone new kept coming by our table every 10 minutes. After dinner we went back to our place to eat some cookie dough blizzard ice cream cake! Sooo good! Caleb knows me too well. He was going to take me to see Fame afterwards but it was late and 6am was seeming pretty early. So he promised to take me another night. It was a wonderful Birthday! Oh, and I have not yet received my present from him! Apparently it's being UPS'ed here, and it's still on it's way. It's taking forever!! I will let you know what it is when it finally gets here.

So I'm now in the second half of my twenties, and I have to say it doesn't feel too good. I keep telling people I'm 25 by accident! I may have to keep it up though so I don't feel so old!

My delicious cake!

So I should have rotated these beforehand. I'm too lazy to go back and do it so you'll just have to deal!

The morning of Caleb's Birthday I took him out to a Belgian Pattiserre. I looked it up online and just crossed my fingers that it was good! We Ordered Belgian waffles and they were delicious. They had all kinds of bread and pastries that looked amazing as well. Such a cute place, I'm sure we will be back.

After breakfast we came back to our house and watched conference. For dinner we went to an AMAZING place downtown called Blink. I again found it online and just hoped it was ok! When we pulled up Caleb said he had wanted to go there, so I guess I did ok. They serve all organic/local food and it was the most amazing food I have ever tasted! I had Bison ribs, and Caleb ordered rabbit. It was a bit pricey, but totally worth it. Oh, and the Lethbridge Pork die for! Have you ever had fluffy pork? We hadn't, until we went to Blink. Crazy good!

So we had a fantastic Birthday, and spent a bit more money that we should have, but it's ok to indulge on your Birthdays right?