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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ottawa Here We Come

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of blogging! I don't really have an excuse, and I promise to put up pictures of Puerto Rico soon! But they are all posted on facebook as well. It looks like we are off to Ottawa tomorrow. Caleb has a philosophy conference there, and as for me...well I have no excuse for myself. I've been a sad little person this past week. For one, I can not find a job. I had to bring myself to what I thought to be pretty low and drop off a resume at Blockbuster, to some girl who looked about 19...and still no phonecall. I have been looking everywhere, and I sometimes think to myself..."who wouldn't want to hire me? I am the greatest!" But it seems like everyone else disagrees. Caleb keeps reminding me that this city is chock full of students, about 100,000 to be exact, so I shouldn't get too upset. But I feel like a free-loading wife.

The second best thing that has happened since we've been home is I decided to give my fading hair a little touch-up. I should have just gone back to the same lady, but i tried to save a little money and go to someone else. I must have been on crazy pills looking back at everything now. I ended up spending the same amount of money, but also coming out with super dark red/purply hair...which I have been crying over for the past two days. The stylist (if you can call her that) filled it which makes it worse to get out, and she thought it would be best to inform me after the fact that going back to blonde is going to be "very difficult". But I told you I didn't want it much darker than it already was!!!! I told this girl also not to cut the sides of my hair, which don't grow as fast as the rest. I swear I grow a natural mullet. I have been trying so hard for the past year to get them to grow out, and they finally are catching up with the rest of my hair. But guess what happens when she cuts my hair, my sides get cut into bangs.....bangs!!!!! I am almost in tears just thinking about it now. I had worked so hard not to bleach my hair, to get my sides to grow out, and now all my hard work is ruined!! I know, I probably sound a bit ridiculous...but why don't stylists listen to you, and why do they think you're retarded in what you're asking from them? Anyways, I am definitely not staying this color, but I do have a plan...and I will let you know that later.

That's my rant for the day.

We are off to Ottawa.

Me and my purple hair.


Life as a Kenessey said...

What to say?? I am sure that you are still gorgeous even with redish/purple hair and bangs! I was a tad confused about the picture at the beginning but after reading your post I laughed pretty hard when I went back and took a 2nd look!!!

Wilsons said...

aww! I bet it's not as bad as you think! (your hair) but that totally sucks. Luckily you look hot all the time - probably even if you were bald.

Andi & Jared's Kingdom said...

Poor Kailey! Although it's hard to imagine you looking bad. Have you fixed it yet? How was Ottawa?

Andi & Jared's Kingdom said...

Yay! It posted my last comment. All is well in the blogging world.