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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wilson Reunion

I realize I am totally behind in my posts, but better late than never right?
Over the August long weekend we took a flight to Calgary, and then a roadtrip down to Glacier National Park in Montana for the Wilson family reunion. We actually had a blast driving down there, because we usually only fly places now so driving through Montana was so much fun. It was so beautiful, the weather was great, and it was so much fun seeing everyone. We hit up the waterslides, went shopping, and played some fun games. Here are some pics of the trip.

I Love gophers! This was at Logan's Pass. These little guys would eat right out of your hand. So cute!

A melting glacier we found on the way home.

The view of Logan's Pass. We drove over it on the way home, mainly because Caleb had never driven it before. I hate doing it! It's beautiful, but so scary!! I get so nervous.

Best Burger Ever! Skye and Aaron told us about this place in Kalispell. It's called five guys, and it was delicious! Everything tastes homemade, and they give you so much food!

The adorable Ayla Brieann!

This little guy was in my parents shower at the cabin they were staying in. We put him outside and Caleb took some pictures of him. Stratton helped!

The two mountain goats sliding down the side of the hill. I think Caleb was down at the bottom in like 5 seconds. Not even kidding. He's crazy!

The Varty Party!

We can't wait for the next reunion. We had a blast!

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Skye and Aaron said...

You FINALLY updated your blog! YAY! Love the pictures! That burger makes me want to head down that way right now!!! We had so much fun too!!