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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello Again!!

Well, it looks like I have taken quite the leave from blogging. Life with a baby has been quite the adjustment, but really I have no excuse! I want this blog to be like a family journal so I figured I better get back into it!

Lucas is now nine months, crawling everywhere, and into everything. :) He is a busy guy and loves to explore. He is not interested in toys anymore, just everything else going on around him. He is such a happy baby, and has brought such joy into our lives. He started sleeping through the night at six months old for 12 hours a night! He decided he didn't want to do that anymore and for the past two months has been up multiple times a night. He is getting a bunch of teeth all at once, and I think I can see a molar working its way nights have been a little sleepless for us all. This summer has been great, and I have been thoroughly enjoying my mat leave. I can't hardly believe the summer is almost over and that Lucas is getting closer and closer to his first birthday. Make me so sad! What I will do about returning back to work is yet to be decided, but I am lucky in the sense that I do have a few options I can choose from.

Caleb is still plugging away at his dissertation and is enjoying his life as a student. He is teaching a philosophy in film course this fall which he is super excited about.

We have been having such a fun summer, and here are a few photos to document it.

Lucas' first time touching grass.

Our anual Calaway Park trip with the fam!

Lucas' first ride at Calaway park on the merry go round.

Caleb and his siblings entered the tough mudder in Whistler B.C. It was crazy! But they had a great time. Baby and I had our own tough mudder navigating the rocky terrain, no places to sit, and no potty breaks for Mom for a few hours. :)

We have taken a couple of trips to Vernon this summer. The first for a week and a half to just relax, and the second to celebrate Dad's 60th birthday with all the siblings.

Getting fed honey bunches of oats by cousin Nathan. :)

Enjoying eggs at the stampede breakfast. We were able to get three breakfasts this needed his own pancakes. haha

Meeting new friend Harper for the first time!

Caleb's friends and all their children in the pool.

We had a farewell BBQ for Caleb's office mate Johannes and his family. They sadly moved back to Iceland.

We went out to elbow falls with Mom, Dad, Corey and Julie. We had never been out there before and it was beautiful! Caleb actually took a dip in the water, lost his wedding ring and it was miraculously found in the water half an hour later by him and Mom.

With Grandpa Lee

Baby's first time at the lake! He loved the pool, but was not a fan of the lake. Maybe a little too cold for him. It was crazy enough my first time swimming in the lake in vernon. :) That's what happens when your in-laws have a pool in their backyard.

In the boat with Uncle Zach

The annual Pincher Creek parade! Lucas had a great time with his cousins.

And his first taste of dirt!! Yum Yum!!

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Stacey Mae said...

Scott and I literally laughed out loud because of Lucas's many faces in the pictures! He is such a cutie. :)