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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Santa Baby

I was really excited to take Lucas to see Santa this year. Last year he was just a tiny baby and had no idea what was going on. We decided to take him to Northland Mall and I highly recommend it! We went during the day right when it opened. There was no line or wait. Because they don't have a photographer it's free because you bring your own camera. After pictures they have a little craft for the kids to do, and cookies. It was amazing and we will definitely be back next year.

We were a little bit early, and Santa wasn't there yet, so we took Lucas to the play place for a bit. Which he always loves.

Then we went back. The ladies at the front were so nice, and told me that if Lucas was having a hard time I could walk him around and then try again in a bit. (Little did they know I was secretly hoping for crying I a bad Mom?? Lucas sure delivered)

The second he was put on Santa's lap this was his reaction.
Probably the greatest Santa picture ever. Poor guy!

Lucas was not pleased. A couple times he started to calmed down and sucked on his finger, but when he looked back up at who was holding him, the tears started again.

He was eventually rescued. What a trooper. I have to say that although Lucas may be traumatized...we got some pretty amazing photos.

And he comes by it honestly. Here is a picture of me from a ward Christmas party when I was around the same age. 

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