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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Birthday That Keeps on Giving

So I know I'm a terrible blogger! But here is a bit of an update for you! We are both busy with school and I finish my practicum in about two weeks! It has been an amazing learning experience and I have loved every minute of it. Too bad Alberta Health Services is cutting funding to everything which means I won't be able to get a job there anytime soon! Bad timing for me I guess. But hopefully I'll be able to find something else here in Calgary. I am keeping my fingers crossed that someone will want me! Then I have three classes left to do and I am FINALLY done school! Caleb has been very busy with his PhD program as well and at the moment is quite sick. But he's a trooper and no matter how hard I try to get him to stay home he's still at it with his classes. I just hope he doesn't have H1N1 and infect everyone! Here are a few pics for you!

For Halloween we went over to Caleb's cousins house on the Friday night. Good thing I had these outfits from Japan kicking around! We had a fun time. We also dressed up as Ketchup and Mustard for our mutual activity that week. We made cones out of poster board for our hats. Pretty funny! Sadly I have no picture of it.

And I can't get these stupid pictures rotated! But I finally got my Birthday present from Caleb this week! A new Burton Feelgood snowboard! I am so excited, and slightly nervous because it means we have to get a lot of boarding done this season. But I love it!! And I love it that it's something we can do together, even if I do complain sometimes. :)

Wrong order of pics! Here's me with the box before I opened it looking kind of rough!

This little guy is the rabbit that lives in our front yard. He comes and goes but usually sits himself in front of this tree. He's so cute and it's fun to see his fur change. There's lots of rabbits around and also squirrels. Fun things about Calgary!


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cute costumes, i wish i could have seen the ketchup and mustard!