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Monday, May 3, 2010

This Is The Place

So we had planned to go down to Utah for conference, but due to our luxurious life of standby travel, we didn't make it on the flights because they were full. I had a week off before I started my full-time job so we decided to take the trip then because we had already paid for tickets with Delta. I'm so glad we went, even though it was a bit stressful trying to get back for Caleb to get to work in time. We had a blast!
My former mission companion and forever friend Rachelle spend the weekend with us driving us around and planning fun things for us to do. Her sister Susie let us stay at her house in Sandy. It was so nice of her and we felt so welcome in her home. Such a fun family!
Although the majority of our time was spent shopping, we did do some other fun things as well!
Rachelle and her friend Russ took us to a climbing wall one night. This climbing centre was huge!

Looking super cute in our harnesses!
A shot of my butt, going up the wall!
We also ate A LOT on this trip! America is the land of delicious food! We took a trip to In N' Out. It was Caleb's first time so we of course had to get the paper hats. I think this is the only fast food place that doesn't make us feel sick after we eat it. Probably because everything is fresh. Sooo delicious!

Our last day there we went to the This is the Place monument. I haven't been there since I was little. It was interesting the people they chose to put on the monument. It turns out Provo is named after Etienne Provot who was a French Canadian trapper, who made his way to Utah. Crazy!

We also got to see my friend Natalie, and I sadly have no pictures! Her kids are getting so big and they are adorable!


Skye and Aaron said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I lurve In'N'Out!!!!

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