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Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's official! I am done my University degree!
It hasn't really kicked in yet, doesn't quite seem real.
To celebrate my wonderful husband took me out for dinner.

We ended up going to a new Greek restaurant that was recommended to us by my brother. It's called Kefi and it's on Macloed Trail. We were not disapointed!
It seemed like it was owned by a Greek family, and everyone that worked there was related! I don't know if they were, but it sure seemed like it. They were all so friendly, and the service although a bit slow because it was busy, was still really great.

Everything was painted white and it was so bright and clean.

We ended up with a ton of food! We had tzaziki and pita bread to start, the bread was to die for!
Caleb ordered lamb, lemon potatoes and we had a order of this fried egg plant pictured below.
Wow was it ever good!!

I ordered a lamb stew that was cooked in what looked like a bag, it came with rice as well.
A LOT of food!!
Oh, and here's the best part of this place!
They have a dance floor!
Periodically the music will get really loud and the servers will go and dance.
Talk about an exhausting job!
These two guys were pretty amazing.
They also invite people to break plates on the dance floor every so often.

I had a wonderful night with my husband, and I would highly recommend this place.
So if you're in Calgary you should give it a try!



Jennie & Jeff said...

yippee for no school!!! Good job!

Maurene said...

Happy to hear you had a fun celebration. You deserve it! We're proud of you!

Skye and Aaron said...

YAY!!!! YOU'RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyndsey said...

What a feeling, hey?! So so proud of you, and definitely need to go to this restaurant. Missed you today at the birthday festivities! Talk to you this week - I need to hear about your job and everything!

Wilsons said...

Hooray!!! And glad you liked the restaurant, too.

Skye and Aaron said...

This is Aaron. I wanna go. I'd totally get up and dance! HA HA!