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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh Canada!

I got the day off of work for Canada Day.
We decided to head down to Lethbridge to have a fun-filled day with my family.
We started out at the Raymond Parade! It was a blast.
We went with my Mom and Skye and Aaron and their kids.
Ayla and Stratton loved the candy, but Stratton for some reason was not into going out in the street to pick any of it up. Being the good aunt I am :) I went out in the street and got it for him for the duration of the parade. I must have looked a little crazy racing with all the little kids to get to the candy first! But Stratton was happy.

We got to see Dad in the parade! He was in it with the Lethbridge Pipe Band. So fun!

After the parade we hung out at Mom and Dad's for a while.
Stratton skinned his knee and had a bit of a freak out! Poor guy!

The adorable Ayla B!
I don't know what it is about Caleb, but Skye's kids are absolutely in love with him. Ayla was his shadow for the day and could not get enough of him. I took some pics of them hanging out together. I got a little picture happy. So adorable.

Later in the day we went over to the Varty's for a delicious BBQ.
Caleb got some pictures of the momma Robin and her babies living under their deck.

We had such a fun day! Thanks to my amazing family!

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Skye and Aaron said...

I love this. Ayla says every so often out of the blue "i yuv cayeb" It's adorable. And so are all your pictures! I love them! So um yah, you need to hurry and visit soon! We miss you two!