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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This year was my first time attending the Calgary Stampede!
Can you believe it?
We kicked off stampede week with the parade.
It was way longer than we thought it would be!
It was actually quite impressive.

And this was Caleb's favorite part. (I love my nerdy husband)

Later that week we made our way down to the stampede grounds decked out in our cowboy shirts. Next year we will have to invest in some cowboy hats. I swear we were the only ones there without one!

We checked out the art exhibition, and also the BMO centre where they sell all the things off infomercials. It might have been one of my favorite parts.

We watched these people ride giant horses around this arena for a while, and never did quite figure out exactly what we were watching.

The masked pony!!
My most favorite part was seeing the ponies. I love them.
We even watched the ponies in a pony competition where they jumped over fences. It was cute and hilarious, just like ponies.
We also saw the world sheep dog competition, where the dogs round up sheep into a corral.
Caleb really got into it!
It was fun.
Ok...time for my confession....but it's not all my fault!
Caleb LOVES fair food. Which is weird because he does not love junk food. But for some reason he loves greasy, deep fried, breaded fair food.
Here's the confession...while at the stampede we might have eaten:

a corn dog
beef on a bun
deep friend oreos
mini donuts
deep friend snickers,
and we topped it all off with chili cheese fries.

Did you throw up in your mouth a little bit?
Although seeing that list makes me want to do 100 sit ups before i go to bed tonight, because I'm sure I am still working that off! I have to admit, it was delicious!
And it's all part of the experience right?
And we went halvies on all of it.
So it's only half the calories.

Until next year deep fried snickers....I mean, stampede.


Skye and Aaron said...

BAHAHAHA! I love that you guys ate all that stuff. I'm jealous of the infomercial place....i hope you bought some stuff!

Jessica said...

I totally understand where Caleb is coming from. There is something superbly delicious about fried fair food. Love the pics, I'm glad you finally got to experience the stampede!

Wilsons said...

mmm, deep fried snickers? I've never even heard of it but I want that. I'm going to crave until I can have it, too...

Sami-Jane said...

oh my goodness! i wish that post made me throw up...instead all that delicious food just made my mouth water!
I want deep fried oreos....that reminds me whoop up days is coming and I am getting an elephant ear!

Natalie said...

Way behind in my blog reading, so I know this comment is way after the fact ... but sounds like fun! I can't relate on the carni food, with the exception of chili cheese fries! One of these years we will come up early enough to hit the Stampede. So fun to see you when we were in town!

Nicole said...

Linds I didn't know you had a blog! I've totally added you to my list of friends! Excited to read more!

Nicole said...

ahahah I mean Kailey...obviously I've been looking at too many blogs tonight!