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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pink or Blue?

Excuse me while I catch up!
We had our first ultrasound at 13 weeks, and then another scheduled for 18 weeks. At 18 weeks they are able to predict the sex of the baby, and I had known from the start that I wanted to know. I don't think I could have handled not knowing the whole time! Caleb was happy with whatever I decided and jumped on board.
We had a really cute plan for how we wanted to find out. A friend of ours told us about this great idea. She knew a couple who had the ultrasound tech write down the sex on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope for them. They then went shopping and picked out a girl outfit and a boy outfit, without looking in the envelope. They took both outfits to the till and asked the clerk to look in the envelope and wrap up the appropriate outfit without telling them. They then went to dinner and opened the outfit together to find out what they were having.
When I heard this story I have to admit I cried! And I thought it would be so fun for us to do.

On Friday morning we headed to the hospital for our ultrasound. It was a long one as the tech was checking everything, and was taking a lot of pictures...which did worry me a bit, but what doesn't! So at the end she asks us if we want to know the sex, and we say yes but i asked her if she could write it down for us. Well our dreams were crushed when she told us that legally she wasn't able to! So our plan B was just to have her tell us. Our baby wasn't shy and she told us "as you can see, it's clearly a boy." It was not at all clear to us! But we trusted she knew what she was looking at, and I still do worry that maybe she didn't and she was wrong! Please someone reassure me!! Although people always have stories for me where the tech was wrong!!

I was a bit shocked to hear it was a boy. Everyone in both our families guessed girl...except for my Mom when she changed her mind right before we told her. She's always right. :) I did have my heart set on making little bows and flowers for a girl, but now I am so excited to be having a little boy!

Here's me the day of our ultrasound at 18 weeks.

And we did go shopping afterwards anyways! We also had a delcious lunch at Moxie's to celebrate. Here are the adorable purchases.

We can't wait to meet you baby!!


I forgot to add that Caleb had a gift to give me after our first ultrasound. What an amazing thoughtful husband I have! I had told Caleb about a children's book I wanted to find a while back. It was a book I never actually owned as a child, but checked out of the library over and over. I looked for it online, but found out it was out of print. I found a couple used copies for sale, but forgot then kind of forgot about it.

After the ultrasound Caleb gave me this book:

It brought back so many memories! And it's even funnier than I remember. The hampster's name is Mustapha Biscuit...hilarious! My Dad still brings up this book and whenever we are eating Biscuits it comes up. This book took me right back to my childhood and I can't wait to share it with our child!


Kara Lyn said...

I am so excited for you! Little boys are a lot of fun, I love having brothers. You look fabulous! Really, you look so wonderful and very happy. The ultrasound techs are usually right. If they are wrong, it it typically them saying it's a girl and then delivering a boy. Determining if the baby is a boy is much easier because of certain parts that stick out. Congrats again and you will love being a mom. It is great.

Bethany G said...

Just found your blog!
That was such a CUTE idea about finding out the sex.... I can't believe it didn't work :(
still, congrats on your baby boy!

Kelsey Cole said...

such a cute post:) I'm not a mommy yet, but I can't wait to go shopping for cute baby clothes! you are such a stylish mama!

Bon Bon said...

So exciting! Little boys are super fun, and they have tons of cute clothes too! We find out what our little bean is tomorrow:-) xoxo

Diana Smith said...

You look incredible for being 24 weeks! Congrats on it being a boy and I am sorry she couldn't write it down...thats a bummer! I am 18 weeks with my second and we find out in 3 weeks what we are having!!! eeeek I can't wait!

Diana Smith said...

PS tried to follow your blog! Stupid followers thing wasn't working, darn!