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Sunday, June 2, 2013


It's true. We are expecting baby number two in December! My official due date is December 8th, but I'm trying to not pay to much attention to that as I just expect I'll be late with this baby as well. Baby will come when it's ready!

For a long time after Lucas was born I honestly thought he would be an only child. My delivery was rough, and being a Mom was a huge adjustment for me. On top of that was issues with breastfeeding for almost six months. It was a lot. I was happy with just Lucas. I felt like he was enough.

Until one day I got the itch I thought I wouldn't get back. I felt like Lucas needed a sibling...even though I was terrified to do it all over again! (still am!) You tend to forget certain things, and we started trying again.

Our first month trying I thought I was pregnant. I didn't want to put too much hope into it, or really admit it, because I just knew I would be disappointed. It took us almost a year to get pregnant with Lucas. Still in the back of my head there was that thought. The waiting is the worst part! I counted the days until I could take a pregnancy test. I took one, a few days before my period was supposed to come, early in the morning. I put it on the counter and waited those few dreadful minutes. I couldn't wait any line. My experience with pregnancy tests told me another line was not going to show up on that test if I just waited longer. I was disappointed for sure, yet knew it was going to take us some time.

Fast forward a few days, and it was Easter Sunday. No sign of my period....and I just had this gut feeling again. I don't think I told Caleb what I was running to the store for (i could not wait until Monday to get a test!) I went to Walmart, came home, made a b line for the bathroom, and took another test. I set it on the counter, and this time watched as a second faint line appeared!! I was excited, and also hesitant because of our past experience with a miscarriage. I came out of the bathroom, showed Caleb and we hugged and laughed, and then didn't know what to do with ourselves! It seems like such a momentous occasion, but what do you do to celebrate in that moment??

We called our families and announced it to them. They were all thrilled.The weeks passed...I got my first ultrasound and everything looked great! I was finally able to relax. I have been sick, and super tired, which makes working full time not fun. But I think I am finally starting to get better?? Fingers crossed.

 Lucas will be 25 months when this baby is born and I have to admit I am anxious about the whole thing. I have no idea what to expect, and I am scared of the whole birthing process due to my last experience. I am not looking forward to the sleepless nights, and on top of that a toddler. At least I have a few more months to prepare. :)

We had our first ultrasound last week. Caleb and Lucas met me there and I came from work. Lucas was super concerned as they were doing the ultrasound and came and stood by me and talked to me for a good chunk of the time. It was sweet. A little baby appeared on the screen, the tech found the heartbeat and then reality hit! We are having a baby!! Everything looks fantastic and we go back in about a month to find out the sex. I can't wait! My gut is telling me it's a boy, but we will see. I will be thrilled with either a boy or a girl.

Here's a couple pictures of baby.

Any advice you have for a second time mom is more than welcome. I will need it!!


Matt B. said...

You'll be fine. It is an adjustment but you just roll with it. All my kids are 25-26 months apart... It's kinda close but I love it!

Matt B. said...

Oops this is Renee...

Amber said...

Congratulations! I'm excited for you and Caleb! And I LOVE the picture of Lucas holding the ultrasound picture. He has the cutest hair!