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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Easter 2013

Our Easter this year was pretty low key. We like to visit family over the holiday, but this year due to Caleb's work schedule we stayed close to home. I had been researching fun things we could do together, and I found out about an huge Easter Egg hunt held in Airdrie every year by a local church.

We suited up to go Sunday morning, and it really was huge! There were tons of people there, lots of volunteers, music, bouncy houses, free hot chocolate and donughts. It was impressive!

They had two separate egg hunt areas, one for older kids, and one for the little ones which was nice. It wasn't so much of a hunt, as volunteers running around throwing handfuls of eggs on the ground. Then all the kids would swarm, and grab them up. We had to help Lucas a lot but he got the hang of it really quickly! He was a lot slower than most of the older kids, but managed to get quite a few eggs in his basket. He had a super fun time. It was adorable, and so fun to watch him! He was not happy at all when we left.

We came home, and let Lucas open his Easter basket.
He got a bunch of food pouches. (which he still loves!)


And some little wind up toys which were a hit.

I love this picture of him!

Then we all got ready for church and took some pictures.

So the funny thing about his Easter outfit, is I bought it for him last year! Ha. My mother in law bought him an outfit last year too and I didn't know about it so he wore that one instead. He was such a huge baby and growing out of things so fast I got him 12 to 18 month clothes...and they fit him perfectly this year. His weight gain has slowed down a bit. :) I miss my fat baby though!
Love my happy boy!

We had a fantastic quiet Easter together. I couldn't ask for anything more than spending it with my two favorite boys.

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Skye said...

AWE! Those pictures of Lucas are adorable!!!! Looks like he had lots of fun!