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Thursday, June 4, 2009

When we went to pick up our rental car, it wasn't done being cleaned, so they offered us this baby for $2.00 more/day. So we did it, and I felt much safer driving there in the chaos in this thing! It worked out well for us, and we didn't do any damage to it, even though we kind of wanted to to make the insurance worth our while! We did have an incident of locking the keys in the car on the other side of the Island in almost the middle of nowhere. We were visiting a beach and there is a nearby there is a light house. We went and talked to security there asking for a phone so we could call someone. The man responded to our question with a question of his own.."do you guys have a machete?" But he did, like every other Puerto Rican. Turns out machetes make perfect door unlocking tools. He pushed the window in for us while Caleb unlocked the door with a giant machete. He really saved us! These are the cliffs near the light house. Beautiful.

Caleb surfing in Luquillo! I went out with him the day before, and I have to say that surfing is a lot harder, and a lot scarier than it looks!! Caleb was in love though.

This is us on the ferry on our way to a smaller island called Culebra. It has one of the best 10 beaches in the world. When we go to the island, we had the shadiest little bus take us to the beach! I could see the road under my feet and I thought our seats were going to fall through the bottom! It was freaky! But well worth it.

We spent part of a day hiking in the national rainforest. It was beautiful, and did rain. We hiked to this waterfall and Caleb had to really convince me to get in. The water was freezing!!! Due to all of our tropical vacations, we have really become water babies.

We spent a day in Old San Juan exploring the city. We were looking for a place to eat later in the day, and this creepy looking guy comes up to and asks us what we're looking for, because he knows the city like the back of his hand. I said we were looking for somewhere to eat...and I could tell Caleb was freaked out that I even responded to him. He has had situations similar to this where the person has led him to an alley, tried to take his money..etc. But me being super naive kept talking to the guy. It was true that he did know the city! He told us about a new place that we should check out and that he would take us there. So I follow him..meanwhile Caleb is probably so annoyed with me, and freaked out! So he did eventually take us to a cute new place, where we went and ate some delicious authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. Rice and beans, amarillos (fried sweet plaintains), and flan! So good! So the crazy guy didn't end up killing us, and we saw him in the restaurant later...we figured he was working for them trying to promote the place. Maybe they should pick someone a little less creepy next time!

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