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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Vacation!

We are taking advantage of my two months off this summer, and it has been wonderful so far. We are off again for two whole weeks! Our first stop is Vernon, BC, Caleb's hometown. We are going to stay with his parents, and my plan is to lay by their pool all day in the much needed warm weather, while Caleb works away on his thesis. I love going to Vernon, it's always so much fun. We're also hopefully going to meet up with some friends of ours there as well. This pic above is us in Vernon almost a whole year ago! Crazy.

Then we will fly to exotic Lethbridge Alberta! Our dear friend (also my ex-boyfriend, and Caleb's best friend...maybe I'll share that story later!) is getting married next weekend! We couldn't be happier for him. I'm also looking forward to seeing my family, and a trip to Calaway Park!

I so wish I could take every summer off.




More blogging to come in a couple weeks!


The Bing's said...

well since we've become friends on facebook I noticed you had a blog too... fun!!! Hope you guys have a fun trip, and maybe we'll get to meet in person at church sometime soon!!!

Life as a Kenessey said...

Vernon is so beautiful... and Lethbridge is very exotic!! Is it Samuel Irwin's wedding?? If it is...tell him that I say congrats and I ask if he's old enough to get married yet.. I remember him as a little boy!!