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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Easter Weekend

With the perks of Caleb's job, sometimes comes disappointment.
We had planned since December on going to Utah for conference this April.
My former mission companion (once in the MTC, once in the field after persistently letting my mission president know that it was God's will for us to companions more than once....he eventually gave in. :) he also said he could never say no to sisters so I took advantage of it. ) lives in Salt Lake City and is finished her schooling, so she may not be there for much longer.
She was not only my mission companion, but we are now forever friends. I have been down to Utah for every conference (except the two when we were in Halifax) since my mission, she also has driven up to Canada twice to see me. Once for Christmas, and once to be in my bridesmaid for my wedding. Can you tell we love each other?

So it was our plan to go down and visit her, have fun and go shopping, but Delta airlines crushed those dreams.
We got passes to fly with them, but the flights were all full. We thought about driving,
but it seemed better if we went down in a couple weeks instead with less school to worry about, and more time to have fun! So hopefully all goes well for us to go down soon.

I was pretty disappointed we didn't get to go, but our weekend ended up being super fun anyways! I love our life, with just me and Caleb able to plan fun things at a moments notice.

We ended up going snowboarding for the day at Norquay, which is close to Banff. It was a fun little hill, and had some fun runs for me to go on. I feel like I am improving my snowboarding skills, but I get frustrated because I don't feel like i'm improving fast enough!
Caleb is so good and patient with me.
He reminds me that he doesn't want to go snowboarding with me because of my amazing skills
but because it's something fun to do with me, and he wants to spend time with me.
I love him.
So sadly below is the only picture of the day.

Nice huh? Next time I will get some better shots!

Today we woke up to a hunt for treats from the Easter Bunny! I thought Caleb forgot, so I "reminded" him last night that the Easter Bunny was coming tomorrow. He always does remember though, so I don't know why I always feel the need to remind him of things.

Today, Easter Sunday, I made my first Easter Dinner!
We had ham, funeral potatoes, and frog eye salad. If any of you haven't tried this delicious salad, I will give you the recipe!
For some strange reason though we couldn't find the acime de pepe we needed, so we ended up substituting cous cous. Which I fought Caleb tooth and nail on! I didn't want to use it!
It ended up being ok, but I'll have to pick some of the real stuff up in Lethbridge.

Here's my handsome husband carving the ham! Or trying to kill me, I can't quite decide.

We had a wonderul Easter together! Our first one actually together, so it was extra special.
Hope yours was extra special too!


Life as a Kenessey said...

What are funeral potatoes??!! I Might be the only mormon who doesn't know what they are....enlighten me please?!?!

Kailey and Caleb said...

I think you ARE the only mormon who doesn't know what they are!! ha. They are hashbrowns mixed with cream of chicken soup, cheese, sour cream, and green onions, topped with cornflakes, and they are delicious! I can't believe you've never had them! They are super easy, I can send you a recipe if you want!!