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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I can't believe it's already a new year. Caleb and I recently celebrated our second anniversary.
I sadly have no pictures, but we had a "staycation." We rented a room at the Marriot, went to dinner, swam in the pool and ate chocolates in bed. It was fantastic.

With the new year usually comes new resolutions, I have made a few. One of them being to blog more. I am starting with this resolution right now! I am currently putting the past two years of this blog into a book, and it brought a smile to my face going through all the wonderful memories of our two years together.

Looking back I realize how blessed I have been.It has made me realize that this really is our journal, a way to document the events in our life, good and not so good. So in my attempt to blog more, I will be blogging about our everyday occurances, and being a bit more open about things that are going on in our lives....whether they be good....

or not so good.....

I was really inspired by this post by a blogger I like to read.

So this is my attempt to write it all down, so I can look back and remember the thoughts and feelings i have at this point in my someday I can look back and hopefully smile in the remembrance of how our trials eventually became blessings. That is my sincere hope.

2011 here we come.

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Nicole said...

You're right Kailey! Blogging is the modern journal and is such a fun write to record your memories!