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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Party Time

We celebrated Lucas' Birthday a few weeks after his actual Birthday. Caleb's parents were going to fly out for the event, so we found a weekend that would work for everyone. I have to say I went a little overboard on the party planning. It was so much fun though! We invited mostly family. All of Caleb's cousins in the area came, my parents came up, also Skye and Aaron and their kids, my friend Mindy and her family stopped by for a while, and my sister in law Julie and her kids showed up later, but I'm glad they made it!

The party actually almost got cancelled. Two nights prior Lucas woke up crying...which is normal. Caleb went to get him, and I was about to nurse him but he refused...which was odd. I felt him and he was wet up on his shoulder. Then I smelled throw up. I passed him to Caleb and went and checked in his crib. Yep...real throw up. So I changed the sheets, and him. He came in our bed for a while, and then went back to sleep quite easily. I called into work the next morning and told them I wouldn't be in. He seemed ok the next morning, so I tried to feed him some breakfast. About half an hour later it was back up, mostly all over me. He threw up a few more times that day, once into a basket of clean laundry! I was already doing laundry all back into the wash it went. Better that then on the carpet I guess. I felt so bad for the poor little guy. The next day was the party and I was debating just calling it off. I decided to just see how he was the next morning, surely he would be better by then.

Caleb's parents flew in that day, and we went for dinner at Nick's. We fed Lucas some of our meal, after we put him to bed it was back up. :( More laundry. He went back to sleep and we all decorated cup cakes. 

He was fine all night, so in the morning I thought we would be good to go! I went to the church with Caleb's parents to decorate and get ready. Caleb had Lucas duty. So far everything was great. Caleb showed up a couple hours later, and came in looking grim. Lucas had thrown up in the van on the way there. He then threw up in the church kitchen. So sad!! Caleb went home to get a change of clothes, and my Mom and Caleb's Mom helped clean up the mess. Thank you! At that point, the party had to go on. I felt awful for Lucas, but he was such a trooper and barely complained. He was excited to see everyone, and loved crawling around and playing in the gym with all the kids.

Get ready for a picture overload. :)

Here are the centre pieces. Each table had different candy, and a lot of it got eaten! Better than me taking it home.
  Kids table
Party hats! These we so fun to make.

Caleb's artistic work.

Lucas looks so sick in some of these pictures. Make me so sad! He didn't eat anything at his own party.

Not happy with his hat.

For lunch we had a slider bar. Caleb worked hard and made a ton of burgers! We had a lot of different toppings to put on them. We found afterwards that people were pretty tame with their toppings. :)
Opening gifts


Lucas got the exact same gift from my parents and Caleb's parents. Great minds think alike! :)

We had such a fun day. Thank you to everyone for coming and celebrating with us! We really appreciated it, especially to those who traveled to be there. Until next year!

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