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Sunday, February 27, 2011

one more night in maui

we had a two day whirlwind trip to heard me...two days!

we had planned on being in Maui for four, but as flights on saturday began to book up, it was looking like we wouldn't get out of Maui until Tuesday...i know, what's the problem?! It sucks having grown up responsibilities sometimes. We decided it was safer to come back home, but that's not to say it wasn't terribly tears welling up in your eyes sad.

but we will be back Maui, don't you worry.

Classic Caleb, studying on the beach.

We went to Whaler's village our first day, which has an amazing snorkeling spot. Snorkeling with me is quite the ordeal. I love it, but I have to admit that it freaks me out. I actually scream everytime I see a's true.

We also saw a HUGE sea turtle! We we just swimming, and this family comes up to me saying that there's a turtle right under me. I start screaming and freaking out! Then the Mom proceeded to pinch my legs and telling it was the turtle. It was hilarious, but I was horrified!

Caleb ran and got our masks so we could see him. I did warm up to him once I realized he did not really even notice me, or care that I was there. He was so cute!!

We followed this little bird down the sidewalk. He was so funny. He would walk, look in the bushes, then walk, look in the bushes. We saw him grab about three lizards and eat them right up. Pretty quick little guy!

We went back to one of our favorite places. Cheeseburger in Paradise! I got my usual...cheeseburger with pineapple and avocado, and Caleb did as well. So delicous!

The burgers are gigantic! Just to give you an attractive reference here is me trying to fit it in my mouth.

Our second day we rented boogie boards for the day, and the shop owner directed us to a fun boogie boarding beach. It was my first time ever doing it, and it was so much fun!
The waves were a bit intimidating, but it was worth it.
The best was when Caleb and i would catch a wave at the exact same time, and ride it out right beside each other, looking at each other and laughing and screaming the whole time...i might have been the only one screaming...caleb was just laughing. :)

Would it seem weird if I said it is difficult to find good Hawaian BBQ in Hawaii? We asked a shop owner in the town we were staying, and he promptly directed us to a restaraunt like two steps away. First he said he didn't eat out much so he didn't know, and then told us to go "right there, it's good." Ummm...we didn't fall for it.
Caleb had seen a place in Lahaina, so we drove back for dinner.
I have to say i was disappointed. It was more like bad chinese food. And they did also sell chinese maybe that had something to do with it. As we were driving out our last day, we saw a fast food BBQ place that looked like a chain...exactly what we were looking for! Next time!
I forgot to mention that there are farmer's markets everywhere there. So we stocked up on sweet, delicious, pineapple...some were a dollar each! Bananas: I'm a banana snob, i won't eat them in Canada anymore since my mission, they don't taste so great after you've had them in countries where they grow them, and also apple bananas...if you have no tried these, they are a must!!

I'm not sure why we are making this face.
But I love the lady's expression in the background.
On our sad journey back home...

Until next time Maui...and there will be a next time...just you wait.


Natalie said...

Aww, it looks like you had such a great time!! Happy for you. :) xx Natalie

MrsJAllred said...

Oh my goodness, when you said it was only a short trip I didn't realize that it was THAT short! But so fun from the sounds of it! You are so lucky to be able to get away on impromptu trips such as this :)

Yours Truly said...

thank you for the TIP! I think I will do the page protectors :) it seems the easiest! am THE worst organizer.

And who cares if it was a short trip to Hawaii, I would take it!! Looks like SO much fun, I want to go there! Have you ever been to Oahu? It is a lot of fun, especially with BYU Hawaii there.

And that burger looks delightful :) You are so lucky you got to go!

Diane said...

Kailey, I like your pictures and I like your blog. Fun for you to go to Hawaii for a quick trip. I was thinking about Caleb the other day, didn't he serve his mission is France? Well, my son Brian and his wife MJ are living in Paris for a semester and she decided to blog about it every day. Check it out Tell Caleb hello from his aunt Diane and uncle Konrad.

Andi & Jared's Kingdom said...

Ahhh, how I love that place. Looks like you made the most of your trip even if it was quick, glad you had fun.

Morgan said...

Amazing! Looks like you guys had the best time and I am super jealous!!

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Nuha said...

this looks like so much fun! I would love to go to Maui :)

Circus Daily said...

Hey There...I'm a fellow Calgary blogger as well and randomly found your blog. Enjoy your last night in Maui, as the weather here...SUCKS. Full on Springter. But pretend I didn't say that.

On a sidenote, my hubby and I honeymooned on Knappali, (spelling!?) at the Sheriton and your pics take me right back.


Kelsey said...

love your blog! lets me friends! follow me and see what i wear every wardrobe wednesday! xoxo