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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Some people think Valentines Day is overrated, just a way for chocolate companies to make money, etc, etc. B

But I have to say, I quite like Valentines Day! Not just because I get spoiled by my adorable husband, but because it gives us an excuse to go out and do something fun together! What could be better than that?

Caleb had actually planned a super fun evening for us. The evening was a geographical trip through our relationship....I don't know how to explain that any better! But hopefully you will understand after you see what we did.

First on the agenda: Fish and chips! In commemoration of living in Halifax.

This place was actually super seedy, and kind of a dive. Just what Caleb was going for! :) We were the only ones in the whole place. Although it was a bit scary, I have to admit the fish and chips were pretty good, and you could order about 7 different types of fish.

We went back home, and I gave Caleb a gift...which was a rollover Christmas present! I may really regret this gift in the near future, but Caleb was super excited....

A deep fryer! Hopefully I don't gain 50 pounds from having this new kitchen appliance.

Next up on our geographical locations is Alberta, which is represented here by the little rose bush Caleb gave me. He said I'm his wild alberta rose!
He also got me my favorite magazine, and was going to get me a subscription to it, but it turns out you can only get one if you live in the states. Boo!

Last up, chocolate melting cake!
Caleb and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon, which I was sick on the entire time.
Each night at dinner they had a chocolate melting cake on the menu for dessert. The ladies at our table with us would get it every night. I never got to try it because I felt so sick! It was sorbet for me everynight! Pretty sad story if you ask me.
So Caleb got the carnival cruise recipe off the internet and suprised me with it!

I heart Valentines Day!
Hope yours was full of love as well!


The Lawlor's said...

How fun! Your "journey" is such a great idea.

And good work Caleb on the cake!

MrsJAllred said...

Way to go Caleb!!

I love how you two are matchy matchy with your leather jackets! You two make one fine couple :)

me said...

What a fun evening! You look so cute in all your pics! Enjoy your deep fryer! We LOVE ours! SO much fun!!!! Let me know what you make!

Natalie said...

What a nice Valentine's Day! I have an award for you on my blog!! xx Natalie

Wilsons said...

Wow, way to go, Caleb, that sounds like such a great date!

Andi & Jared's Kingdom said...

Good job on Valentines Day little bro! So glad you guys had a fun night.

Rachèle @ a.k.a. jolie said...

Hi! I found out we're city mates on the Sometimes Sweet 'Where Are You?' post and thought I would check out your blog!

I have to give your man mad props on this Valentine's date! How incredibly thoughtful and fun!

Looking forward to reading more!


Eugénie said...

Oh une friteuse !
Can't wait to hear about it !! ;)

leah jane said...

I too am a huge valentines day fan and supporter! What better thing to celebrate than love, right? And your celebrations looked just lovely and perfect. I may have to steal this idea... or at least hint to hubs about it. :)