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Thursday, February 3, 2011

So I'm kind of famous

Bet you didn't know that I'm kind of famous. This may be a couple years late, but if you google in google images Kailey Wilson moon bride, this is what you will find...

Me! I'm the moon bride!

In this picture is me, My Mom, and my photographer, who was taking my bridals a couple weeks before our wedding. It just so happened that there was a photographer from our local newspaper out in the coulees that night trying to get some shots of the full moon, when he saw us there and decided to include us in the shot.

He came up and spoke with us after to get our names etc.
Then the next day my picture was in the paper! You know you've made it big when your picture is in the Lethbridge Herald.
The next day my mother in law called us saying that someone from New York was trying to get ahold of me, and she gave them my number.
About half an hour later I recieved a call from a nice lady in New York from the Good Morning America show saying that they do a photo of the day segment and were thinking of including my photo. I was on my way to super stardom!

She asked me some questions, and as it turns out they didn't choose my photo afterall, but I still hung on to the fact that I was a little bit famous.

We ordered a print from our local newspaper...which they charged an arm and a leg for! But I'm glad to have it tucked away in my scrapbook so I can remember this experience.

I still think I'm maybe just a little bit famous?

*edit - Caleb just told me that they did in fact put it on Good Morning America! how could I have forgotten that??


The Allreds said...

This photo is incredible Kailey! Definitely worth an arm and a leg. Look how big that moon is, too!

Yours Truly said...

Oooh!!! You are famous! What an AWESOME photo!
So happy you found me, because now I can get to know you too! :)


Ashley said...

oh my gosh! how cool is this!?!? I wish I was famous. :)

BEAUTIFUL picture.

Ashley said...

oh my gosh! how cool is this!?!? I wish I was famous. :)

BEAUTIFUL picture.