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Sunday, February 6, 2011

our saturday

My sister and her husband made a last minute trip to Calgary with their kids. They stayed at a hotel with waterslides, so Caleb and I went over Saturday evening to swim.

We had a blast! Stratton was on the slides non-stop! He never took a break, which meant we took shifts with him. But I think Caleb and Aaron had the longest shifts! Skye and I sat in the kiddie pool with Ayla and chatted for a good portion of the time.
Sunday Caleb had to work, but Skye and Aaron came to church with me, then we got some lunch and they hit the road.
We had such a fun weekend! Come up again soon!!

(the following pictures of me are not that flattering!! It was post swimming, but they were so cute of the kids I posted them anyway. And my sister might kill me for putting up this picture of her! Love you!! haha)


me said...

We had SO much fun with you guys. The kids still talk about how much they miss you both. And yes, i'm going to kill you for putting that hideous picture up! I'll find a way to get you back!

Morgan said...

Those kids are too cute! I remember jumping on the bed every time we stayed at a hotel its like mandatory!!