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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

vernon is delicious

this weekend we went out to Vernon to visit new baby Oliver, who is so adorable! We had a fantastic time visiting family, and hitting up silverstar for some snowboarding!

Caleb's brother Jared flew out with us. He called us about three hours before our flight from Lethbridge asking if he could come...we said yes...if you come right now!! I didn't think he was going to make it in time to catch the flight, but miraculously he did!

This was my first time up a T bar ever! I don't know how i've avoided it for so long! Dad Lee was ahead of me, and then I had to follow to get back to the village. I look calm and collected here, but when you zoom in on my face it's a different story! It went a lot faster at the beginning and it was quite the surprise!

After the day was over, we went to Caleb's parents "little house" and got in the hot tub, soaking our tired snowboarding muscles. We couldn't miss the fireworks though!

Caleb took me to his favorite, very classy, store in downtown Vernon...just look at the treasures we found!

After a fun filled weekend, sadly it was time to go home. We are always flying standby which sometimes makes things a bit stressful. We got to the counter at the airport to check in and the man working there pretty much laughed in our face at our attempt to get to Calgary. Apparently there had been an avalanch in Revelstoke and the flights were totally full due to people driving back to Kelowna and getting on planes to fly to Calgary.

Caleb being the smooth talker that he is, worked his magic, and changed our flights. We went through Victoria, then to Calgary.
But since our flight didn't leave until later, Mom and Dad drove us to costco for some Poutine!!
What a delicious way to end a trip.


samajama27 said...

Hey! Just found your blog and started following :)
I really like your posts!

Natalie said...

Snow boarding and fireworks later in the day sounds amazing! I've always wanted to try and do that!

I just found your blog and started following as well. :)

Can't wait to see more from you! ~Natalie

Rachel said...

woo - we've got some snow coming in our way. i'm not too excited about it, but i wouldn't mind taking a snowboarding trip right after the snow fall. it's been so icy here lately

Morgan said...

LOVE the pics! Looked like you guys had a great time!

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Andi & Jared's Kingdom said...

It was great to see you guys Kailey! Next time hopefully we'll be able to go up to the Star with you.